About us


Hoàng Ngọc Resort & Spa

Tropical Paradise

Established in 2003, Hoàng Ngọc Resort and Spa has provided tourism and travel-related services.

With an area of 2 square hectares and a stunning coastline in Mũi Né, Hoàng Ngọc Resort and Spa includes beach villa clusters with 150 upscale rooms.

Situated at Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street, Hàm Tiến Ward, Phan Thiết City, Hoàng Ngọc Resort and Spa, a 4-star tourism and resort complex, is one of the most luxury and eminent projects in Mũi Né beach with the unique design and once was nominated for “Awards for Architecture” by the HCM City Association of Architects.


Dedicated to tourists’ entire experience, every tourism service comes together to form a complex at a four-star level, including Water Lily Restaurant, Elise Spa Rooms, Fitness Center, Kids Center, Ocean Bar, Swimming Pools, and a separated beach with long white sand.

Hoàng Ngọc Resort and Spa is built in the style of being natural friendly and brings green space closer to the coast, helping tourists get out in the fresh air and green spaces just by the coastline.

Furthermore, tourists may do fun activities on the white sand stretching along the separated coast of Hoàng Ngọc Resort and Spa, such as organising team-building activities, holding a picnic, and strolling along the beach to watch the sunrise or sunset, kayaking, and riding a motorbike on the sea.

Throughout nearly 20 years of tourism and travel-related services, Hoàng Ngọc Resort and Spa is constantly innovating and upgrading in installed capacity of basic infrastructure as well as the quality of customer service via usual training courses for whole our workers. The aim is that every tourist is satisfied with our more professional, affable, and enthusiastic service, along with our accommodation service constantly improved.

For these reasons, Hoàng Ngọc Resort and Spa has emerged as the first choice of domestic and international tourists for their vacation in Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan destination.